Write an essay about a means of transport

Half the arena was crying since they thought they were watching one ape administer the death penalty to another and the other half was dead from shock waves.

It's only the bad food as keeps all that scum away. Maul opponent's unconscious body. The young Buddhist priests were the worst of all.

My conclusion is then that there are more advantages than disadvantages to free public transport, but this policy may be financially impossible to implement.

Aeroplane is the quickest means of transport. We hurried into our clothes, and then went to the dining-room to bolt our breakfast. Look at the factories you pass as you travel out of London on the G. Remember the audience that you will be writing for.

At last it was time to go, and we were let out into the yard.

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You don't want to judge them by the same standards as men like you and me. When a nimble Burman tripped me up on the football field and the referee another Burman looked the other way, the crowd yelled with hideous laughter.

They are surprisingly common, especially in mines where there are or have been horses. It takes so long for light to reach the center of his head that he wouldn't even know one of his eyes was gone for 11 minutes.

For they are not only shifting monstrous quantities of coal, they are also doing, it in a position that doubles or trebles the work. In what took him 29 seconds, Fujita watched the 18 seconds of the first fight carefully and devised the perfect plan to defeat Cro Cop: The owner was furious, but he was only an Indian and could do nothing.

But these distances bear no relation to distances above ground. They all said the same thing: One part of the Orbiter calculated propulsion in the Imperial system of pound-seconds of thrust, whereas another part used the international standard metric system of newton-seconds of thrust.

The filtered light, bluish and cold, lighted us up with unmerciful clarity. Nearly all the miners chew tobacco, which is said to be good against thirst. No one had the guts to raise a riot, but if a European woman went through the bazaars alone somebody would probably spit betel juice over her dress.

We all began laughing again. Just a guy with a decade's worth of fist craters and bad decisions catching up to him all at the same time.

We smoked furtively, hiding our cigarettes like schoolboys when we heard the Tramp Major's step, for smoking though connived at, was officially forbidden.

This was the rainy season and the ground was soft, and his face had scored a trench a foot deep and a couple of yards long.

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Six tall Indian warders were guarding him and getting him ready for the gallows. People could share car journeys, walk more or use bicycles.

When you crawl out at the bottom you are perhaps four hundred yards underground. You try walking head down as the miners do, and then you bang your backbone. However, after a detailed comparison with Helvetica Black, I tend to agree with Susan.

First edition snobs were much commoner than lovers of literature, but oriental students haggling over cheap textbooks were commoner still, and vague-minded women looking for birthday presents for their nephews were commonest of all.

No one could do their work who had not a young man's body, and a figure fit for a guardsman at that, just a few pounds of extra flesh on the waist-line, and the constant bending would be impossible. Our time in the spike was up, but we could riot go until the doctor had examined us again, for the authorities have a terror of smallpox and its distribution by tramps.

The relief is overwhelming. Down there where coal is dug is a sort of world apart which one can quite easily go through life without ever hearing about. The touts from the Christmas card firms used to come round with their catalogues as early as June.

I miss them already. For a Japanese fight promoter, Fujita's cranium is like a boss monster they're seeing for the first time.History of Transportation. Transportation was, is and will be one of the most important issues of peoples life.

It accounts centuries. Means Of Transportation. Guilherme Cesa Academic Writing Sara Rayfield 04/18/ Instead of Horns, Voice Today, most of the big cities centralize interests in improving and encouraging the private means of transportation instead of public.

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Driving a car can be very comfortable and pleasant, but it causes serious problems. Choose the Right Synonym for likeness. likeness, similarity, resemblance, similitude, analogy mean agreement or correspondence in details.

likeness implies a closer correspondence than similarity which often implies that things are merely somewhat alike. a remarkable likeness to his late father some similarity between the two cases resemblance implies similarity chiefly in appearance or. Model Band 9 Essays.

Tutorial includes the evaluation criteria, model essays, and a video review by an ex-ielts examiner of a band 9 essay.

Questions not just topics. While the topics are predictable enough, the actual questions are invariably extremely precise. Again, there is also a good reason for this: the examiners do not want you to learn an essay, they want to test your English and see if you can answer a precise question, rather than produce a general answer to a general topic.

Public transport – sample IELTS essay

THE SPIKE. It was late-afternoon. Forty-nine of us, forty-eight men and one woman, lay on the green waiting for the spike to open.

We were too tired to talk much.

Write an essay about a means of transport
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