Origins of theatre

Theatre of ancient Greece

When he returned to Athens for the festival in BCE, a twenty-eight year old named Sophocles, competing for the first time, won first place over the great Aeschylus. Aeschylus may also have fought at the battle of Salamis, a sea battle that defeated an even larger Persian invasion force.

Tables were often made of exotic woods and veneers, with ivory, bronze, or silver trim. In these, as in all the great Italian houses of the time, the works not only of the finest painters of the period but of the sculptors, goldsmiths and silversmiths, wood-carvers, bronzeworkers and ironworkers were used to embellish the principal rooms.

In the plan shown below, the area originally acquired by Hutcheson's Hospital is shown in pink, and the lands acquired by the Trades' House are shown in orange and green.

Theatre of ancient Greece

The palace of Versailles built in the midth century and widely imitated, led to the French court style in interior decoration and furnishings. Excellent engraving was done with a diamond point as soon as glass of sufficiently good colour was produced, by using manganese to neutralize the colour introduced by impurities in the raw materials.

They will wear very elaborate costumes, and a strange-looking wooden sole called a cothurnus or buskin, about six inches high, on their shoes, to make them look taller and more impressive, and over their faces a curious mask with a wide mouth, so that everyone in that vast audience will hear them.

Even the most abstract and geometric of motifs have a symbolic meaning, which can be interpreted by those who know the key, and this meaning is almost always magical.

Rather, the exaggerated expressions on the masks were part of the stylized "look" of Greek theatre, a style that combined ritualized exaggeration with simplicity to better convey the sense of the drama to a large audience.

Ornament based on natural objects more or less realistically depicted probably had a magical connotation; animals, for instance, are intended to promote success in hunting.

There were fewer characters, and usually only three speaking actors were allowed on the stage at once. Primary colours were the most common, a brilliant yellow being among the most frequently used, but terra-cottagray, black, and white were all added to give contrast.

The houses of the poor were simple, timber-framed shelters with bare earth floors and undecorated walls. Such conditions, with variations according to local circumstances, were generally prevalent in western Europe until the end of the 12th century.

Mannerism had only a limited influence on interior furnishing, as in the bronzes by Cellini and by Giambologna. And so it comes about that Orestes is the first Greek who will be brought to Iphigenia for sacrifice to Artemis.

Bernini exuberantly combined rockwork, figures, and draperies with columns, panelling, and vaulting. In that sense the meaning was to save or prevent a loss.

Lighting fixtures were also made in quantity, of prefabricated parts, and they played a large part in the decoration of the interior. Pictorial decoration for floors and walls was supplied by mosaics, the picture built up of small fragments tesserae of coloured stones, mostly marble, or of small pieces of coloured glass backed by gold foil to increase its reflective power.

Driven from the city by growing social and political unrest, Aeschylus died far away from Athens, in Sicily, in BCE.Award-winning performance company, Curious Seed, was formed in by Scottish choreographer, Christine Devaney.

Origins of Musical Theatre Dance

Based in Edinburgh, we produce and present compelling, dance theatre work that questions the world we live in; work which touches and moves people, unlocking new ways of experiencing and feeling something different about the world.

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Origins of Musical Theatre Dance

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Origins of theatre
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